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We are a rapidly growing technology services and consulting company comprised of the talented personnel in the field of computer networking and application design and development. We employ both full time and contract persons to fulfill client requirements. We are dedicated to providing leading talent with best practice network solutions that deliver the highest performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.


Rick Shepherd | President / Co-Owner |

Co-Owner and Lead Network/PC Specialist, Rick Shepherd has over thirty years experience with computers beginning as a hobby which later led to his functioning as a Database specialist for Washoe Health System and HHP Insurance in Reno, Nevada. With this experience he continued his career by working as an Operations Manager, Production Manager, and Director of Production for various Original Equipment Manufacturers and Internet Service Providers in the Greater Reno, Sparks region. With the fall of the Internet industry, he chose to begin teaching Computer Information Systems in 2001 at the University of Nevada, Reno; however, finding such good fortune as an entrepreneur, he left teaching to pursue servicing his clients more actively under the business name of Synux Technologies. To this day, Synux provides its growing customer base with comprehensive resolutions for their PC and networking needs under the direction of Rick Shepherd.


Randy Farnes | Executive Officer |

Beginning August, 2003 Randy Farnes joined with Synux Technologies to bring a wealth of wired and wireless knowledge. Starting in the cable television industry in 1992, he moved rapidly through the ranks to become the Lead Engineer and Trainer for AT&T Cable Services in South Lake Tahoe, California. With this experience he was approached by a high speed Internet Service Provider still in start up in Silicon Valley who needed cable and networking engineers. With his commitment to expand his knowledge, he and his wife, Cindy moved to Redwood City, California only to be later laid off due to the break up of Internet providers. After a European hiatus, he moved back to South Lake Tahoe to create his own company wiring homes and businesses for phone, network, and cable television. Upon finding a constant need for each others’ skills, Rick and Randy decided to join forces under the Synux Technologies name and have since incorporated in the State of Nevada.


Berret "Badger" Terry | Technician |

Berret Has been with Synux for almost six years now. Berret has been in technology since he was eight years old and has been learning more and more year after year. Berret learns new concepts, and technologies quickly and efficiently, works well under pressure, and gets things done. Berret has taken many classes ranging from basic electronics to Cisco. He is enthusiastic and fun to work with.


Kevin Shaddy | Technician |

Kevin started his Information Technology career with a IBM 386SX PC in 1993. With his free time he began to learn DOS, and the operations of Windows 3.1, and went online with a 14.4 baud modem. Through gaming he began to learn about hardware installation, diagnostics, upgrades, and operating system repair. He began building & fixing friends computers in 1995 as a hobby, and website design in 1996. Kevin is now the senior tech at Synux and operations manager for all sites. He started his own computer repair company in 2003. He joined Synux in 2005, and since then has learned about data & telephone cabling, virtual private networking, data recovery, data & power backup systems, point of sale systems, T1 installation and Server 2000/Server 2003 administration. Kevin currently holds many Dell DCSE certifications, and is working towards his CompTIA/Microsoft/Cisco certifications.


Luiz Nunes | Technician |

Luiz has a far-reaching knowledge of Key/PBX telephone systems. He has worked for AT&T Broadband as a Systems Technician and then moving to Frontier Communications as a Network Technician. At Frontier, he provided sales and service exclusively for business customers. Currently certified by Mitel on several of their bestselling PBX systems the Mitel, 3000 & 5000 and Mitel 3300; an extensive knowledge of Nortel and Avaya PBX systems. Luiz is vastly experienced in developing and implementing business solutions.

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