We Provide Quality Products that make us the One Stop for all your IT needs.

Synux sells and supports products used in home and corporate applications. All of our parts and materials are tested to meet our strict quality standards. We believe very strongly in the adage, "Do it right the first time." We do not believe in buying inadequate or unreliable parts because they are less expensive.

Custom Servers

With years of server building experience and the same commitment to using only the best hardware Synux will send your business to the next level with a custom built server. Each server is built with our customer's unique needs in mind. Our servers are scalable to fit any business environment. Utilizing either Linux or Windows Server 2003, our servers currently support: Domain hosting: Have your own web domain and host your own e-mail,, on a server in your office. Spam and Virus filtering: Securing your PC is important; and to help, our servers can be configured to protect you against most types of attacks before they reach your desktop. Remote access: You can get to your files securely from any PC with Internet access. Take your office anywhere. Remote monitoring: We routinely perform system audits and upgrades to keep your system up to date with the latest protection. Our servers are used in a broad range of services, from a simple web site, to a full scale office management network. Our Expert team will work with you to determine what our servers can do to elevate your office's performance. You can have one of our servers installed at your office for as little as $199.00 per month. This low price includes all the services mentioned above with no setup charges or contracts.

Custom Systems

Everybody should be so fortunate as to have a custom built computer from Synux. Our customers recognize the differences in our computers and that is why they keep coming back. You owe it to yourself to see one of our systems before you settle for one of those off-the-shelf brands. We use only the highest quality hardware in constructing your Synux computer system. We will not sell products we would not use personally. Your Synux computer is built by hand by a highly trained professional. Only one pair of hands ever touches your computer through the entire integration process. Want proof? Look inside any Synux PC and you will see the signature of the proud technician responsible for building your computer. Who built the PC you use now?

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